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best things to do in paris

11 Best Things To Do in Paris – 2018 ( Excellent )

Paris is one of the most touristic cities around the world. There are thousands of things to do in Paris. But in this list,...
Golden Delicious Million Dollar

Top 10 Expensive Perfumes in the World

Perfume is the best friend of a woman. A good fragrant can add beauty as well. There are different perfumes on the market. But...

Top 5 Largest Railway Networks in the World

Travelling with train will a fun experience for most of the people. When you go with trains, you can see different views which would...

5 Best Horror Movies of all Time

Horror movies may not be for everyone. But there are people who really enjoy some tension while they are watching a movie. Scariest horror...
Bill Gates

Top 5 Richest Man in the World

Everybody loves money. And everybody wants to have more money. Unfortunately, it is often hard to earn money and make a fortune. But some...
Queen’s University

Top Mechanical Engineering Schools in Canada

If you want to study in Canada and if you want to study mechanical engineering, you should check top mechanical engineering schools in Canada....
Louvre Museum

Top 5 Places to Visit in France

France has always attracted many tourists and traveller around the world. With the amazing Eiffel Tower and many more things to do and see,...
heydar aliyev cultural centre baku

Top 5 Places to Visit in Azerbaijan

You may never have heard of Azerbaijan. But don't worry. At the end of this article, you will want to explore this country and...
los angeles city

Top 5 Places to Visit in America

Most of the people are thrilled with the idea of American dream. For this reason, America was always at the centre of attention. There...
restaurant les papilles paris

5 Best Restaurants in Paris France 2018

Paris is the home for wine, bread, and unique cuisine. Selecting a restaurant in Paris really a hard thing. You can find some of...