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Top 5 Places to Visit in Ukraine


Ukraine, located on north shores of Black Sea is now becoming one of the popular holiday destinations among tourists. This cold but enjoyable country offers a wide range of options for the travellers. You can visit the historical places and witness the old magnificent architecture of the large cities. Also, you can go out for the nature, and discover the wild life of this unique country. We have gathered the top 5 places to visit in Ukraine to give you a starting point. You can begin your journey from one of these cities and explore the mystic atmosphere and the best places of Ukraine.

Best Places to Visit in Ukraine

Ukraine offers variety of choices for the visitors. For tourists, selecting among the beautiful cities could be challanging. Check our short list and start making your own plan.

1) Kiev

Kiev is the capital and largest city of Ukraine. Therefore, we added this city to the number of top 5 places to visit in Ukraine list. Kiev welcomes the visitors with golden domes and unique architecture. There are two important places to visit in Kiev. These places were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These are Monastery of Caves and St. Sophia Cathedral. The cathedral was once used for crowning the princes. Kiev has an interesting architectural building in every corner.

2) Odessa

Odessa is located on the shores of the Black Sea. Often regarded as the Pearl of the Black Sea, this city is the 3rd largest city in Ukraine. Like Kiev, Odessa has the unique architecture style. The buildings were constructed according to art nouveau style. You can also enjoy the amazing scenery offered by Odessa.  Odessa was built according to a plan. That is why the city is easy to navigate and you can easily reach to the centre of the city.

3) Lviv

Lviv has its own airport. Therefore, reaching and visiting this city is easier. Located on the Western side of the country, Lviv shows the effects of Austro-Hungarian Empire as well as Poland. When you visit Lviv, you will feel like you are wondering in a medieval city and can go back in time.

4) Carpathian Mountains

If you want an adventure in the nature, Carpathian Mountains are the right place for you. You can go hiking or trekking on the mountains and enjoy the clear mountain air. You can also go for camping as these mountains offer different camping areas. There are also cycling and rafting options in this place. In Ukraine, Carpathian Mountains would be the best place for nature lovers.

5) Yalta

Yalta is located in the Crimean Peninsula. This city is surrounded by mountains and offers amazing views to the visitors. Yalta offers holiday resorts if you want to relax and spend a few days in a quiet but lovely city. Nikitsky Botanical Gardens in Yalta has 1.600 types of roses. If you love flowers, this place is a must-visit. You can also have daily excursion in Yalta. The most popular destination from Yalta is Bakhchisarai.

Ukraine offers different types of holiday options. If you want to take short trip to Ukraine, this short top 5 places to visit in Ukraine will definitely help you. You can share the lists with friends who are making holiday plans to Ukraine.


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