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Top 5 Largest Railway Networks in the World


Travelling with train will a fun experience for most of the people. When you go with trains, you can see different views which would otherwise be impossible. Also, trains are a great adventure for kids. With new and modern trains, the travel experience is like a 5-star hotel. There is everything you need for your comfort. You can travel in one of the best trains in the world. And you can enjoy largest railway networks in the world.

Travel on Largest Railway Networks in the World

With one of the best trains in the world, you can travel on largest railway networks in the world. We have listed the top 5 largest railway networks in the world. So, you can choose one of these routes and book your ticket. We have listed the countries with the largest railway network where you can travel almost without any break.

1) U.S.

The number one of our railway network is without a doubt U.S. This large country has more than 250,000 km of railway.

Even though majority of this network is for transportation of goods and service, passengers can use 35,000 km.

And the portion used by passengers is still number one around the world. You can pass the country from one side to the other using this train network.

U.S. is investing on high-speed trains for easier and faster transportation. Detailed information about high-speed trains in U.S. can be found here.

2) Russia

Russia is one of the largest countries around the world. And what is more, Russian territory is mostly plain. There are almost no mountains in this country. For this reason, the train network of Russia is developed. Also, 87,157 km of the railway network can be used by passengers and for carrying products and services.

3) China

Compared to U.S. and Russia, China is new in the railway infrastructure. But, almost 80,000 km of railway network is definitely a good investment. Also, Beijing – Guangzhou high-speed network is the world’s largest line. China is considering railway investment as an important part of development. Now, new commerce lines to revitalise Silk Road are planned. China is trying to have the largest railway network for faster and comfortable transportation.

4) India

India still benefits from the railway investment of the British colonial period. Probably all of us have seen the epic pictures of overcrowded Indian trains. As it seems, train is an integral part of life for Indians. 65,000 km of railway route operates daily 19,000 trains. These figures show how important train transportation is in India.

5) Canada

Like Russia, Canada is one of the plain lands on Earth. This non-mountainous landscape opened a window for train investments. The cold climate of Canada also makes train a good transportation option compared other means. Canada has total of 46,688 km of railway lines. And, these lines are operated for passengers and for transporting goods and services.

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