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Top 5 Foods To Eat In Winter


Winter is almost there. And when this cold and misty season comes, we always want to eat more than ever. Healthy warm dinners are inseparable part of this season. But there are some foods to Eat in winter that are special to this season. When you consume these foods, you can love this season more than spring or summer. Also, these vegetables and fruits will give you’re the energy you need.

What Are the Foods to Eat in Winter?

foods to eat in winter

If you want to eat healthy warm dinners, you should definitely check out foods to Eat in winter list. We will talk about some winter vegetables and fruits that are full of Vitamins and other nutrient elements. You can decide which one of these foods are your favourite winter meal. So, let’s start our top 5 foods to eat in winter list.

1) Carrots

Our number one vegetable in our winter food list is no doubt carrots. You should consume almost all root vegetables. But, carrots are more important. This vegetable has high Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Also, some researches said that carrots are helpful to lower the cholesterol level in the blood. This way, carrot is considered to be one of the healthies winter vegetables.

2) Soup

Our second option is a meal rather than a single vegetable or fruit. Drinking a hot bowl of soup in winter is one of the best ways to get warm. Depending on the ingredients in your kitchen, you can make a soup almost out of anything. Vegetable soup is a good alternative. However, using stock or chicken stock would be a healthier option for winter.

3) Brussel Sprouts

Many of you may not even like the look of this small lettuce looking vegetable. But, Brussel sprouts are among the healthiest vegetable options in winter. This vegetable is low calorie and has important vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and K. You can try different recipes to cook Brussel sprouts. Or you can just boil them for couple of minutes and serve quickly. No matter how you cook this vegetable, Brussel sprouts are definitely healthy option.

4) Ginger

Ginger should be consumed both in winter and summer. But in winter, you can mix ginger with honey. This mixture will help you to boost up your energy. In addition, you can add ginger to your cookies or some salads. The unique taste of ginger will enrich your meals. Also, you can become healthier in winter.

5) Pomegranate

We will end the list with a fruit. Until now, we have listed vegetables. But, pomegranate is a fruit that is special to winter. This fruit has high anti-oxidant levels. If you consume half a pomegranate per day, you can spend the winter without being sick. Also, this fruit will boost up your immune system and help you fight against cold and other winter related diseases.

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