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Top 5 Best Camera Apps for Android


Taking pretty looking photos is desired by everyone. With the current technological developments, everybody with a smart phone could easily take some good photos and share them with other people. However, some photos may need a little adjustment and editing before publishing. For example, you may want to eliminate the undesired brightness in the photo. Or maybe you want a smoother looking landscape. Regardless of the operating system of your phone, you will need a camera app for this process. If you are using an Android phone, you are lucky. We will show you the best photo editor for Android. These are often the best camera apps for Android and you can edit your pictures right after you take them.

Best Pictures with Best Camera Apps for Android

There are numerous options for photo editing in the Android market. However, choosing the correct application could be a little tricky. You can download one of the free apps for basic editing needs like correcting the brightness or cropping a photo. But you may also choose more professional app that will give results like a professional Photoshop job. Here are the top 5 best camera apps for Android we have selected for you.

1) Google Camera

We will start with a free Google App. Google Camera belongs to Google and you can use this app on all Google devices. Although this app is offered in some of the Google Play markets, if your country supports this app, it is one of the easiest and most professional photo editing apps on the market. You can download Google Camera from here and start enjoying professional looking photos.

2) Motion Stills

This app is released in the second half of 2017. So, Motion Stills is a relatively new photo editing tool and will likely to become popular in 2018. This app enables taking short videos up to 3 minutes and compress these videos to 1 minutes. This way you can achieve a fast forward playing look with your videos. Furthermore, the app can make GIF files. You can also share these files with your friends and enjoy the moment. Motions Stills is available on Google Play.

3) Cameringo Lite. Filters Camera

Cameringo Lite has more than 300 filters and 20 frames. This app is ideal for creating fun and exciting pictures by tweaking the filters and frames. Also, you can use your phone as a manual DSLR camera. If you are using social media platforms like Instagram, you can enjoy this application. This app is free and can be downloaded from here.

4) Camera360

This is one of the most popular camera apps in Google Play market. Camera360 offers different filters, and fun stickers. Additionally, you can make interesting collages, and take beautiful selfies. This app is used by more than 500 million people. Also, Camera360 is free and could be downloaded from Google Play store.

5) Camera MX

Like Camera360, Camera MX is also one of best photo editors for Android on Google store. One of the best camera apps for Android, you can use this app to take lively photos. Additionally, Camera MX is free and could be downloaded from here.

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