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Top 5 Best Android Games 2018


In 2017, there were new Android game releases. The games that were released at the end of the year will like to be the best Android Games of 2018. Android game sector is one of the largest mobile sector in the online world. Therefore, each year thousands of new games are released on Google Play market. Since there are hundreds of options, it is hard to choose the best mobile game on Android platform. For this reason, we have gather a short list of best Android games from different categories.

Try on of the best Android Games before 2018

When you check our list of best mobile games, you can try one of these games before 2018. You may be playing the next trending item in 2018. Get ahead in the competition and start making progress in the game. Thus, you can easily compete with your friends and know about the new games on the market.

1) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Nobody would have guessed a card game to become this popular. Hearthstone has started as a computer game but since 2016, this game has become really popular. Therefore, the company had launched the Android version of the game. This game was a huge success in 2017 and it will be this popular in 2018. You can download Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on Google Play and start playing this game. While you can download Hearthstone for free, there are in-game purchases.

2) Minecraft

Minecraft is especially popular among youngsters. This game is about building whatever you want from square or rectangular blocks. Like Hearthstone, Minecraft also started as a computer game. However, as the game has become a blockbuster, Android version of the game was also released. You can download Minecraft on Google Play. This game has been reviewed by 2.083.743 users. Minecraft is $6.99 and there are in-game purchases as well.

3) Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a maze game with amazing graphic design. This game is ideal for female users as you are leading Princess Ida for an unknown journey in Monument Valley. You need to find your way in these mazes and advance to next level. Additionally, Monument Valley 2 has also been released in this year and this game will continue to be a trend in 2018. You can download this game on Google Play.

4) Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada is a zombie game with retro graphics. You need to kill zombies with your heroes and all the characters are made out of pixels. Furthermore, this game is offered by Noodlecake Studios, this game costs $9.99. You can download Death Road to Canada from Google Play.

5) Battle of Polytopia

This game was one of the contestants and finalists of the Google Play Indie Games competition this year. Battle of Polytopia is an adventure game with polygon designed characters and backgrounds. In addition, you can build your own cities, and attack your enemies. This amazing adventure game is free to download and could be found on Google Play.

You can try all these best Android games that will continue to be popular in 2018. Share the list with your friends, and enjoy the adventure in the world of mobile games.

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