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11 Best Things To Do in Paris – 2018 ( Excellent )


Paris is one of the most touristic cities around the world. There are thousands of things to do in Paris. But in this list, we will not talk about the Louvre or Disneyland. Instead, we will present you the hidden treasures of Paris. Best time to go to Paris may be spring and summer. But you will find plenty of things when you visit this amazing city during fall or winter.

Best Things to Do in Paris

Of course, there are some places you must see in Paris. But, this list will have more than Paris points of interest. We will give you fun, excitement, sports, and many more. If you are planning to visit Paris in 2018, you can decide on dates after reading this list. We have included all year long events as well as summer and winter events. This way, we wanted to show how Paris could be exciting experience in different times of the year.

1. Walking Tour with Ghosts, Mysteries & Legends at Night

Mysteries and Legends bparis
Mysteries and Legends

Get ready for a night full of mysteries and ghosts. Paris has this amazing night walking tour that will give you all the excitement you have ever wanted. This different yet fun tour lasts for 3-hours. And you can see everything with mysteries. This walking tour follows the route of Conciergerie, Place Dauphine, Pont Neuf, the Louvre and many other important and mysterious places. You can easily book your seat from the official website and enjoy the dark side of Paris.

2. Discover Parc Zoologique de Paris

Discover Parc Zoologique de Paris
Discover Parc Zoologique de Paris

This amazing zoo dates back to 1930. After renovations, Parc Zoologique has five different biozones. In those biozones, you can see different animals including flamingos. If you are askinh what do to in Paris, consider this amazing zoo as an alternative. Especially, if you have children, this zoo will be the ideal locations in Paris. You can visit the official website for more information.

3. Have a Brunch in Parisian Way

obladi cafe paris menu
obladi oblada cafe
obladi oblada paris cafe
obladi oblada paris cafe
paperboy paris brunch
paperboy paris brunch france

When we talk about Paris, we talk about good food and wine. You can find amazing brunch points in this city. For example, PaperBoy is one of the most popular places among locals. If you want to breath in the local air, you can also have your brunch in Ob-La-Di. There are tons of other options and it is all up to you to choose your brunch location. But it is generally better to wake up early. These restaurants can get crowded in just couple of hours.

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4. Best City for Wine Tasting Adventure

eiffel tower wine paris
paris eiffel tower wine

Paris is the land of wine. When you ask someone places to visit in Paris, they will certainly guide you to wine cellars or wine houses. In this city, wine is always preferred with lunch and dinner. So, you can find the best products here. Also, there are wine tasting tours for the tourists. And you don’t even need to leave the city to attend those tours. Of course, you can plan a one-day excursion out in the country for wine tasting. But, Paris will offer you everything you need. We recommend to book your place before going to the city. Generally, wine tasting tours are offered to limited number of people. And it is always better to book early.

5. Picnic Next to River

buttes chaumont park paris
Buttes chaumont park paris france

Places near Seine river could be among best places to stay in Paris. Also, these places are ideal for picnic. Parcs Monceau, Montsouris, and Buttes Chaumont are some of the regions where you can pick you wine and food and go out for a picnic. This city of romance will give your everything you want.

6. See Cabaret Show in Moulin Rouge

moulin rouge paris france
Moulin rouge paris show

Moulin Rouge is one of the top things to do in Paris. And we all know the movie. The one with Nicole Kidman. The excitement, colours, songs, and beautiful woman. In Paris, you can be part of this magnificent atmosphere. Cabaret shows are still popular in the city among tourists. You can book you place online and enjoy an amazing night in the most famous region of Paris.

7. Enjoy a Concert in La Bellevilloise

la bellevilloise paris france
La bellevilloise paris

You should definitely visit La Bellevilloise if you want to be like a local. This concert place has wooden furniture and lively atmosphere. In this venue, different concerts are organised all year long. Before going to Paris, you can check the concert schedule and make your reservation. Also, you can drop by for a drink just for the atmosphere.

8. Be Part of Lollapalooza Festival

Lollapalooza festival paris

Summer means festivals. And the Lollapalooza Festival is the largest techno festival organised in Paris. This festival is held during 21-22 July and it is one of the most anticipated event of 2018. Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, the Killers, Kasabian, and many other famous artists are listed in the headliner of the event. Tickets are already on sale. And this festival is seen as the hottest event of Paris in 2018.

9. Experience Excitement in French Open

french open tennis
Experience Excitement in French Open

Taste the competition in French Open tennis competition. If you love sports, and especially tennis, this event is right for you. This exciting event will start in 27 May and end in 10 July. Tickets for this event are already on sale. There are different categories, but you should hurry up. Because this event is also another anticipated event in Paris in 2018.

10. Glimpse Luxury in Versailles

palace of versailles paris france
Palace of versailles Paris France
palace of versailles images
Palace of versailles images

Versailles Palace is always listed in things to do in Paris. It is among top Paris France tourist attractions. In this list, we tried to show other face of Paris. But, Versailles is one of the most diverse places in Paris. You can taste the luxury in the garden of this palace.

11. Go Out for Shopping

shopping in paris france
Shopping in Paris france
shopping in paris summer
Shopping in Paris

Without shopping, we cannot talk about Paris. So, shopping spree is in our 11 things to do in Paris list. And shopping is not limited with expensive French brands on Champ du Elyse. You can discover boutiques and shop from them. This way you can save your budget and get the most beautiful items from Paris.

Try all these attractions in Paris will make your experience unique. You find the best for you among amazing things to do in Paris. Don’t forget to check other Paris France touristic attractions as well.

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