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Differences Between Men and Women


Men and women were never the same. There is even a saying about this distinction. Women are from Venus and men are from Mars. This is why there are male and female differences. And it is not just about gender. There are many differences between men and women. In this article, we will mention some of the most distinctive ones.

 What Are the Differences Between Men   and Women? 

Differences Between Men and Women

As we have said, male and female differences are huge. And, it is more than gender. Men and women are emotional, physically, and mentally different. Even though we are all humans, you will be surprised with these unique properties that distinct us from one another. We will show a short list of differences between men and women. And this list will contain both mental and emotional elements in addition to physical differences.

1) Men Are Stronger and More Athletic

One of the main differences between men and women are the physical properties. Men are often stronger compared to women. This is caused by the highly muscular structure of men. Women often have higher fat ratio and therefore are not as agile and athletic as men.

2) Women Are More Emotional

When it comes to sadness, happiness, anger, and many other emotions, women will experience these emotions more intense. The hormonal activities of women are more than man. This causes them to become more emotional. Furthermore, the hormone related with motherhood makes women more emotional.

3) Men Are Messier

Compared to women, men are messier when it comes to house work. Men tend to wash dishes or clean the house when they need to. On the contrary, women often want to do the house work immediately. However, men can be more meticulous than women.

4) Women Hear Better Than Men

Scientific studies have evaluated the hearing differences between genders. As it turns out, women can hear better than men. It is shown that women are easily distracted by noise. And therefore, they are more sensitive to noises and sounds.

5) Men Have Fewer Objects in Their Life

All women like shopping and buying something new and shiny. For that reason, women always have an excuse for buying new things. These new things often pile up and consume too much space. But men have fewer objects in their lives. This tendency of women can be linked with their emotional side. However, there are no existing proof on this subject.

6) Women Can Express Their Emotions Better

We have already said that women are more emotional than man. But, the can also express these emotions better and easier than men. Since women and men use different parts of their brains for certain tasks, this also goes for expressing emotional status.

We can say that women and men definitely come from different plants. But, we also share common points. If you are a man and want to learn more about cars, you can check Top 5 Most Successful Electric Cars. If you are woman, you can check Top 5 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life.

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