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5 Best Restaurants in Paris France 2018


Paris is the home for wine, bread, and unique cuisine. Selecting a restaurant in Paris really a hard thing. You can find some of the most expensive and best restaurants in Paris. However, there are affordable restaurants with delicious food. You can try different dishes like snails, or stick with more traditional food. Paris also has Italian, Far East, and Middle Eastern restaurants. Therefore, we know how hard it is to decide. To make things easier for you, we have gathered a short list of best restaurants in Paris.

Your Next Favourite One Could Be in Best Restaurants in Paris List

Check out the list below, before you plan your trip to Paris. Your next favourite restaurants may be in that list. This way you will have a general idea about what type of restaurants you could come across in Paris. We have included examples from first class restaurants, affordable ones, and casual dining restaurants.

1) Le Coq Rico

Le Coq Rico

This restaurant is one of the most famous and affordable French restaurants in the city. Le Coq Rico is on Montmarte. In this restaurant, you should try the chicken. Because the chef of this restaurant orders chickens daily. This way, you would definitely eat the most fresh products in this restaurant.

2) Chez Michel

Chez Michel

Chez Michel is an affordable bistro located near Gare du Nord. This restaurant is famous for the dessert called the Brest. While you are in hear, you have a snack and eat this dessert to end your dinner. Brest is a type of pastry. This pastry is served with praline mousse fill and caramelised nuts. When you try Brest at Chez Michel, you will never look for an alternative place in Paris.

3) Le Petit Rose des Sables

Le Petit Rose des Sables

If you are looking for a low-cost restaurant and a delicious meal, Le Petit Rose des Sables is the right place for you. This restaurant is small yet serves authentic French food. Also, if you are a vegetarian, Le Petit Rose des Sables is a vegetarian friendly restaurant. You can taste the French cuisine here with affordable prices.

4) Le Cinq

Le Cinq

If you want to dine in a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, Le Cinq should be your choice. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, this restaurant handles food as if they are piece of art. If you want to eat in Le Cinq, you need to make reservations in advance. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to find table in this 3-Michelin starred restaurant.

5) Les Pappilles

best restaurants in Paris

Les Pappilles is ideal for wine lovers. The restaurant serves delicious red and white wines with the dinner. This restaurant is on Latin Quarter. Les Pappilles is often visited by tourists so you will never feel like a Stanger here.

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