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5 Best Horror Movies of all Time


Horror movies may not be for everyone. But there are people who really enjoy some tension while they are watching a movie. Scariest horror movies will need some courage. Also, you will need nerves like steel to watch best horror movies of all time. These movies often will keep you up all night. The dark and scary environment of the horror movies will make you shiver on your couch. We will give you the top 5 best horror movies of all time to help you choose the scariest of them all.


If you are new to horror movies, you should start with the scariest horror movies. This way, if you don’t like this genre that much, you will see the classics of horror movies. If you are easily scared, you can watch these movies at home. Also, you can keep the lights on. And, you may want to watch the movies with a companion. This will provide you are safer environment. Now, let’s check out our best horror movies of all time list that we have prepared for you.

1) Psycho

Psycho is one of the most famous films of Alfred Hitchcock. He made film in 1960 and was a huge success for this genre. The film is about a killer with psychosis. When these two elements come together, the movie becomes a scary masterpiece. With high skilled Alfred Hitchcock, talented Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles, and John Gavin, Psycho is one of the cult movies that everyone should watch.

2) Jaws

When you watch Jaws, you may want to stay away from swimming for a while. This film is about a shark attack but all the elements in the movie is enough to make it one of the scariest films of all time. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Jaws was a masterpiece for 1975. Also, sequels of this film were made. Although, new Jaws movies are also fine, you should definitely start with the classic film.

3) The Shining

Stanley Kubrick direct the Shining. And this film is one of the classical horror films of all time. The film was adopted from the novel of Stephen King. Since Stephen King is the master of thriller, this movie gives everything to a horror movie fan. Also, the expert acting of Jack Nicholson made this movie an iconic horror film.

4) Alien

As you can all remember, we have seen Alien: Covenant in 2016. Also, the sequel of Covenant is also announced. However, the origin story, Alien, is among the scariest horror movies. This film is in space and this atmosphere also contributes to horror.

5) Saw

“I want to play a game”. This famous quote is from the all-time horror movie Saw. Each Saw movie has increased the tension one step forward. But like Alien, you should definitely watch the first Saw movie. After that, you can watch other movies if you like the style of this film.

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